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Shakespeare theatre unearthed in London

Archaeologists in London have unearthed an early pre-Globe playhouse used by William Shakespeare where Romeo and Juliet and Henry V were first performed. The theatre was immortalized as "this wooden O" in the prologue of Henry V with the lines: "Can this cock-pit hold within this wooden O, the very caskes

Four mosaics depicting ancient Athenian plays found in Antioch

Four mosaics dating back to the 3rd century A.D. have been found in Antioch, Turkey. They depict scenes from plays written by Menander, the Athenian comic poet. When Ömer Çelik, a staff archaeologist at the Hatay Archaeological Museum in Antakya, Turkey, discovered four mosaics during an expedition, he asked friend and

Shakespeare in the original pronunciation

A professor from the University of Kansas has pieced together the original pronunciation of Shakespeare and is staging a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. “American audiences will hear an accent and style surprisingly like their own in its informality and strong r-colored vowels,” Meier said. “The original pronunciation

London’s first theater excavated

Excavations of the site of London's first theatre, where the plays of William Shakespeare were performed, has been excavated, revealing a section of outerwall and floor surface. Archaeologists who have been digging here since 2008 have uncovered a section of outer wall and floor surface from the building, completed in

Globe theatre to stage Henry VIII 400 years after fire

The famous Globe theatre is set to stage it's first production of Henry VIII since the original theatre burnt down during a performance of the play in 1613. A cannon fired from the attic as a special effect on June 29 1613 was meant to hit the Thames, but

Fulke Greville’s tomb to be probed, solve Shakespeare mystery

To those who believe William Shakespeare did author his plays, Fulke Grevillie has always been a top choice for who truly did. It was rumoured that all the original manuscripts were buried with him. Now an endoscope will be used to probe the tomb and determine if this is true.

Scholar claims William Shakespeare’s plays were written by Earl of Oxford

Yet another scholar is claiming that William Shakespeare's plays were not written by the bard himself, but by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford. He claims de Vere's known works and letters show a strong Shakespearean style and also points to the earl's nickname at court, 'Spear-shaker'. Mr Kreiler says

Did William Shakespeare write an anonymously published play?

An expert is claiming to have proven that William Shakespeare wrote an unattributed play about Edward III by using computer software designed to detect plagarism. Sir Brian Vickers, of the Institute of English Studies at the University of London, compared phrases used in The Reign of King Edward III, published anonymously