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Pensioner finds plesiosaur fossil in garden rockery

A pensioner in England has discovered a 135-million-year old fossil of a plesiosaur's paddle bone in his garden rockery. Last week stunned John was told the results, which showed it was part of a Plesiosaur's paddle bone from the Jurassic period in ''stunning condition''. Experts described it as ''very

Ancient plesiosaur taken down by gang of prehistoric sharks

According to fossil evidence, a gang of 7 or more sharks took down a plesiosaur 85 million years ago. After reading the report, Shimada wanted to take a closer look at the types of shark teeth. Based on his findings, he estimates that at least seven sharks of different ages attacked

Plesiosaur fossil found on Britain’s Jurassic Coast

The remains of a 12ft long plesiosaur have been found by a fossil hunter in Britain. The creature lived in the English Channel 200 million years ago. Detailed examination of the bones revealed teeth marks from where a predatory dinosaur would have feasted on the carcass of the "lake monster". Richard Edmonds,