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1,300-year-old polar bear skull found in Alaska

A polar bear skull dating back 1,300 years has been found at the Walapka archaeological site in Alaska. The single, hefty bone is the fourth largest polar bear skull ever found, measuring 410 millimeters, or just over 16 inches, from the tip of the nose to the back of the skull,

Skull reveals ancient polar bear attack

Analysis of a 19th-century Sadlermiut woman's skull shows evidence of polar bear attack. One particular item caught the attention of museum archeologist Karen Ryan: the punctured skull of a Sadlermiut woman, which was first excavated from a settlement southeast of Coral Harbour in the 1950s. โ€œ[Researchers] thought initially it could have been

Indiana Jones? Archaeologist kills rampaging polar bear

In what could be a scene right out of an Indiana Jones movie, two archaeologists investigating Nazi meteorological stations in Greenland were attacked by a polar bear. Bjarne Groennov killed the animal after it threw fellow expert Jens Fog Jensen to the ground in the incident on Saturday, said the