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DNA analysis tells story of how the Americas were populated

New genetic research has revealed how the Americas were populated through three separate migrations which began 15,000-18,000 years ago. About 15,000 to 18,000 years ago, the first migrant wave spilled from Asia down the Pacific coast and then pushed inland, eventually peopling the land from “the tip of South America all

3,000 people made up population of first Australians

New research suggests that approximately 3,000 people, more than originally thought, made up the founding population of Australia. To determine the head count in Australia's founding population, Williams compiled the most complete estimate to date of the continent's prehistoric population. He turned to a database of 5000 cooking pits, human burials,

Native American population dropped by half after European contact

A DNA study has revealed that the thriving Native American population shrank by half after European contact. Using samples of ancient and modern mitochondrial DNA—which is passed down only from mothers to daughters—the researchers calculated a demographic history for American Indians. (Get an overview of human genetics.) Based on the data, the

Were Australian Aborigines the first Americans?

A study of hundreds of skulls uncovered in Central and South America are pointing to Australian Aborigines as being the first people to reach America. Evolutionary biologist Walter Neves of the University of São Paulo, whose findings are reported in a cover story in the latest issue of Cosmos magazine, has