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Traces of ancient port sounds in India

Traces of a wall found along the Zuari River in India may be part of an ancient port. Scientists in the country have found remnants of a historically important port on Goa's Zuari River which is expected to be amongst the oldest signs of human trade on the central west coast

18th-century weapons recovered from Alexandria harbour

French weapons from the 18th century have been recovered from the waters in Alexandria's eastern port. The find includes a collection of guns, pistols and cannons that were once onboard a French boat named Le Patriot, part of Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet during the French expedition to Egypt in 1798, said Egypt's

Studying the Roman port network

A team of archaeologists from Southampton University are launching a project to study the connections between 31 Roman ports across the Mediterranean. Prof Keay said: “We will explore the relationship between these 31 ports and look at how they integrated to form a crucial part of vast trading networks across the

The world’s oldest port found in Egypt

Archaeologists working in Egypt have uncovered the world's oldest port, dating back to 2,600 B.C. "The port of Wadi el-Jarf located on the Red Sea. 180 kilometres south of Suez dates to around 2,600 BC and the reign of King Khufu," Egypt's minister for antiquities Mohammed Ibrahim said in a statement. Is

Evidence of Viking port discovered by divers

Divers working off the coast of an ancient Viking village in Sweden have found jetties that are much longer than initially thought. Marine archaeologists said they now estimate the village was 30 percent bigger than previously believed. A marketplace may have been based in the waters of the harbor, they said. "We have

Akko’s ancient harbour exposed in Israel

Archaeologists working in the ancient city of Akko have exposed the ancient port there which used to be the most important port in Israel during the Hellenistic period. The finds were discovered during the course of archaeological excavations being carried out as part of the seawall conservation project undertaken by the

Treasure trove of artifacts found near Greek island

A trove of artifacts has been found near the Greek island of Skiathos, including the remains of an old port, a Venetian fortress, an ancient breakwater and Byzantine jetty, various pottery and lamps, and even a few shipwrecks. Underwater explorations from May 14 though 25 near Skiathos island resulted in a

Ruins of Brazilian slave port unearthed

The remains of a port where thousands of Africans were sold to plantation owners has been uncovered in Brazil. It was one of the busiest slave ports in the Americas, a filthy, bustling harbour where hundreds of thousands of Africans were sold into a life of exploitation and abuse. Famished, exhausted and