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4,500-year-old ivory statuettes found in Portugal

20 ivory statuettes, estimated to be about 4,500 years old, have been found during an archaeological dig in Portugal. This is the first time pieces with such characteristics have appeared in Portugal", Valério told Lusa News Agency, adding that similar finds had been made earlier in southern Spain. He said the statuettes

The oldest evidence of Jewish culture on the Iberian Peninsula

Archaeologists have found a tomb slab which dates back to 390 A.D. that contains a Hebrew inscription, making it the oldest evidence of Jewish culture on the Iberian Peninsula. Archaeologists of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) found some of the oldest archaeological evidence so far of Jewish culture on the

8,000-year-old dog tomb found in Portugal

An 8,000-year-old tomb belonging to a dog has been found in a shell mound in Portugal. Project co-director Mariana Diniz told Lusa News Agency the find held “significant importance” because previously there had been no such sign of ancient “canine symbology” in southern Europe, in contrast to northern parts of the

Last Neanderthals in Europe died 37,000 years ago

Analysis on some teeth found in Pego do Diabo, Portugal, show that the last Neanderthals in Europe died out 37,000 years ago. The paper, by Professor João Zilhão and colleagues, builds on his earlier research which proposed that, south of the Cantabro-Pyrenean mountain chain, Neanderthals survived for several millennia after being

Found: General Wellington’s French invasion command post

Portuguese archaeologists may have unearthed the headquarters of Luso-British troop commander General Wellington at a dig north of Lisbon. The General’s private quarters, a store room, a warehouse and a weapons locker were defined during the excavation. The division had been previously outlined in maps but this is the first time