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Small pot found at Ness of Brodgar in Scotland

A rare small incense pot has been found at the 5,000-year-old complex at the Ness of Brodgar. Archaeologists say they have unearthed the remains of a so-called incense pot at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney. It is only the fifth one of its type discovered in the British Isles. Other examples

Medieval kiln uncovered in Nottingham

Pottery, glass, and a brick kiln have been found at a construction site in Nottingham, England. Long before pharmaceuticals and cigarettes, bicycles and lace, Nottingham was renowned as a centre for pottery. And not just in England, for the town's distinctive green glazed crockery was exported around Europe. Items of pottery, glass

Neolithic pottery and stone tools found in Scotland

Installation of a pipeline in Scotland has led to the discovery of Neolithic pottery and stone tools. “These finds provide yet another piece in the jigsaw to help us reconstruct the mundane, as well as the more interesting, aspects of how societies interacted and travelled in ancient Britain,” he said. “The artefacts

Traces of cooked plants found in ancient pottery

Traces of cooked wild grains, grasses and leafy plants have been found in 10,000-year-old pottery fragments. The pots predate plant domestication and agriculture in the area by at least 4,000 years. "The finding of extensive plant wax and oil residues in early prehistoric pottery provides us with an entirely different picture of

Odd Roman pot found in Switzerland

A Roman cooking pot filled with oil lamps, each containing a coin, has been found at the site of Vindonissa in Switzerland. “What astonished us was the quantity and the combination of coins and lamps,” said Aargau cantonal archaeologist Georg Matter. “We suspect this is a ritual burial,” he said, but stressed

Shipment of 16th-century Chinese porcelain found in Mexico

Thousands of fragments of 400-year-old Chinese porcelain have been found by archaeologists working in the Old Quarter of Acapulco. Mexican archaeologists have uncovered thousands of fragments of a 400-year-old shipment of Chinese "export-quality porcelain" that was long buried in the Pacific Coast port of Acapulco. The shipment of rice bowls, cups, plates

5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe

Residue found on prehistoric pots found in China has shed new light on ancient beer-making in the region. Barley might have been the "secret ingredient" in a 5,000-year-old beer recipe that has been reconstructed from residues on prehistoric pots from China, according to new archaeological research. Scientists conducted tests on ancient pottery

Angkor-era kiln found in Cambodia

Archaeologists working in Cambodia are excavating a kiln site located near Cheung Ek Lake. Fewer than 10 of the kiln sites, which were constructed on large manmade mounds, remain undisturbed, Mr. Kaseka said, giving his three-week, National Geographic Society-funded dig additional urgency. Mr. Kaseka’s dig is “incredibly timely given the ongoing economic