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WWII-era POW camp excavated in Scotland

Archaeologists are excavated Camp 22 in Scotland, used to house German and Italian POWs during WWII. "A series of 24 concrete-surrounded postholes on the north side of the road almost certainly relate to what would have been a fairly substantial fence dating to the POW camp phase of use," says Christine

Early Nazi concentration camp excavated in Berlin

The Columbia Concentration Camp, ran by the Nazis between 1933 and 1936, is undergoing excavation in Berlin. Columbia served as a training center to teach and perfect new torture methods that would later be employed to run Germany's huge network of concentration camps around Europe. "This was not just a place where

WWII internment camp excavated in Idaho

Archaeologists are excavating the Kooskia Internment Camp in Idaho which was home to 250 men of Japanese ancestry during WWII. There are no buildings, signs or markers to indicate what happened at the site 70 years ago, but researchers sifting through the dirt have found broken porcelain, old medicine bottles and

Escape tunnel discovered at Nazi death camp

Archaeologists working at the Sobibor Nazi death camp in Poland have unearthed a 32-foot-long escape tunnel. "We found a snake-shaped tunnel in what was once the center of the shed, leading eastwards –- out of the camp," Yoram Haimi, one of the leaders of the team, told Israeli news outlet Haaretz.

Partying WWII POW camp excavated in Canada

Archaeologists in Canada have been working to excavate the Whitewater POW camp in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park. "I found four guys living who were interned at Whitewater and all four of them said it was awesome," said Myers. In part, soldiers were just delighted to be off the front lines. But,