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Civil War POW camp to be excavated

Archaeologists in South Carolina are getting ready to excavated Camp Asylum, a state mental hospital which was used as a POW camp for two months during the Civil War. The 1,200 men weren’t held there long, just two months. But period drawings from what was called Camp Asylum show where they

POWs revisit Great Escape tunnels

Two WWII veterans who took place in the Great Escape have gone back to see the tunnels they helped construct. Standing at the entrance to the 111-yard shaft, on the site of the notorious Stalag Luft III camp in Poland, widower Gordie’s eyes filled with tears. The former radio operator said: “It

WWII remains on Papua New Guinea are Indian POWs

The remains of individuals dating back to World War II, originally thought to be those of Australian diggers, have been found to belong to Indian prisoners of war. "It was determined that the remains represented five individuals and were those of Indian soldiers interned by Japanese forces as prisoners of war,"

British WWII POWs were made to extract gold from Jewish corpses

A new first-hand account of POW life has revealed a horrifying fact: some British prisoners of war were forced to exhume the remains of Jews and extract gold from their teeth. He said: "One of the jobs assigned to prisoners within the camps was the digging up of graves in a

POW records from Colditz Castle go online

Records of the Prisoners of War who were interned at Colditz Castle have gone online, 70 years after the war began. The database - originally compiled by the Germans under terms of the Geneva convention requiring them to notify enemies about captured troops - helps bring to life tales told on

Researchers uncover thousands more Nazi camps than previously thought

Researchers have found that there were around 20,000 Nazi prisons, ghettos and camps in WWII, over 4 times the number they were expecting to catalogue. The Encyclopaedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945 aims to catalogue most of Adolf Hitler's Nazi concentration camps, POW camps, prisons, and other persecution sites used during

List of British prisoners of war found buried in Auschwitz bunker

A list containing the names of 17 British soldiers has been discovered in a bunker at the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is puzzling researchers because they have no idea why it was there. The document is a piece of white celluloid with 17 surnames handwritten in pencil in block letters, while