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Tomb of pre-Hispanic governor found in Mexico

A 1,300-year-old tomb belonging to a governor has been unearthed at Bocana del Rio Copalita in Oaxaca, Mexico. INAH’s archaeologist elaborated about the offerings found which were accompanying the skeleton, among which a severed femur believed to have been used as a baton. “This finding –he emphasized– will help understand the

Zapotec’s human thighbone sceptres

A new excavation of a Zapotec tomb is revealing that the practice of wielding ancestral thighbones as a sceptres may not have been limited to the ruling class. The burial excavated by Feinman at Mitla was extremely well-preserved, and had never been disturbed — except, that is, by someone who broke

Evidence found of ancient wolf-dog crossbreeding

Jaw bones found in a burial chamber at Teotihuacan are the first pieces of evidence that wolves and dogs were intentionally crossbred by ancient Mexicans. The remains, which were discovered by archaeologists at a Teotihuacan pyramid burial chamber, are the first physical proof that wolf-dogs were intentionally crossbred "as a

Pre-Hispanic burials found to be dismembered after death

Evidence has been found that some pre-Hispanic groups would dig up their decomposing dead, dismember the bodies, then rebury them. A report by the National Institute of Anthropology and History says Indians at the Conchalito site apparently did that to release the dead from what they considered a state of suffering. The