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Pre-Inca site found in northern Peru

Peru A pre-Inca site, believed to have been built by the Tallan culture, has been unearthed in northern Peru. Archaeologists believe the complex, which was found in the municipality of La Arena, was an administrative center for the Tallan culture, which developed from 700 to 1400 AD and expanded into current Ecuador. Archaeologists

Pre-Inca sites in Lima at risk due to city growth

The rapid expansion of Lima, Peru, is putting hundred of pre-Inca archaeological sites at risk of being destroyed by construction. There is no registry that keeps track of the huacas -- which comes from the Quechua word "wak'a" meaning sacred place -- but archeologists say more than 300 of the adobe

44 sacrificed babies found in Peru

The remains of 44 pre-Inca sacrificed babies have been found at a site in Peru. All the bodies had a volcanic stone placed on their chest, and were surrounded by a variety of offerings, including animals, food, dishes and pitchers, archaeologist Eduardo Arisaca said. Researchers at the site say ceramics with paintings

37 pre-Inca tombs discovered in Peru

37 pre-Inca tombs, dating between 800 and 1445 A.D., have been found in Southern Peru. Archaeologist Gladys Barreto, who was hired by the Boca del Río consortium to be in charge of executing the construction, said that half of the found tombs contain the remains of children. Also discovered were ceramics,

1200-year-old royal tomb found in Peru

The tomb of a Sican ruler which dates back 1,200 years, has been found in the Las Ventanas archaeological zone in Peru. One of the most interesting objects found is a bottle representing the funerary bundle that it accompanies, since both are facing toward the southwest corner of the temple, which

3,000-year-old conch trumpet sounds again

Scientists have played a 3,000-year-old conch shell found at a pre-Inca site in Peru. You can click here and here to listen to some samples. "You can really feel it in your chest," says Jonathan Abel, an acoustician at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. "It has

Pre-Inca tomb found in Marchu Picchu Park

Archaeologists working in the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park have uncovered a pre-Inca tomb. Resident archaeologist Francisco Huaycaya Quispe said that these remains would belong to a woman from the Quillke culture, an indigenous which flourished before the Inca Empire. According to the archaeologist, this hypothesis is based on the pottery and ruminant