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Giant shrimp with ultra-vision was first top predator

A fossil of an Anomalocaris (which means "strange shrimp") has been found with exceptionally well-preserved eyes. [Thx Catherine!] The eyes were on stalks on the strange shrimp's head, and each was 2 to 3 centimetres across – about the size of an olive. They were covered with lenses, each 70 to 110

T-Rex was the fastest predator to walk the earth

New research is dismissing the notion that Tyrannosaurus Rex was a sluggish scavenger. The seven ton reptile, which was 13 feet tall and 40 feet long, was able to outpace any prey due to giant muscles located at the top of its tail. Previously the tail had been thought of

Fossil of giant whale-eating whale discovered

The remains of 13-million-year-old giant whale-eating whale, named Leviathan melvillei, has been discovered. By comparing those fossils, which were found in southern Peru in November 2008, with more complete remains of other species, the researchers estimate that Leviathan measured between 44 and 57 feet in length, slightly smaller than

Giant sea reptiles were warm-blooded

A new study suggests that prehistoric underwater predators could control their body temperatures. Researchers found that ancient ocean predators possibly regulated their body temperatures, which allowed for aggressive hunting, deep diving, and fast swimming over long distances. "These marine reptiles were able to maintain a high body temperature independently of