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Preserved head found in Arctic cemetery

The remains of a woman whose heard was remarkably preserved has been found in the Arctic. This haunting 12th century woman is a member of an unknown hunting and fishing civilisation that held sway in the far north of Siberia - with surprising links to Persia. Accidentlally mummified and probably aged around

Iron Age preserved human brain found

This is pretty amazing. A 2,500-year-old preserved human brain has been found encased in a skull in England. Except for the brain, all of the skull's soft tissue was gone when the skull was pulled from a muddy Iron Age pit where the University of York was planning to expand its

7,000-year-old oar found in South Korea

A 7,000-year-old oar, found preserved in mud, has been found in Southeast of Seoul in South Korea. The oar, which was found intact in its entirety, is 1.81 metres (nearly six feet) long."The oar was well preserved because fine mud layers completely blocked oxygen from decaying it," Yoon said.It was

Medieval child’s brain found preserved

The brain of a child who lived in the 13th century has been found preserved, complete with neurons and cerebral cells. An international team of researchers has identified intact neurons and cerebral cells in a mummified medieval brain, according to a study published in the journal Neuroimage. Found inside