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16th century grave of Spanish priest found in Mexico City

A 16th century grave which may belong to one of the first Catholic priests in Mexico after the Spanish conquest has been found near Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral. The nearly 2-metre-long slab was sunk into the same level of the stucco floor of what appears to be an Aztec temple. The

Names of ancient Roman priests found in Egypt

A collection of 150 clay fragments containing the names of priests who served in Egypt during the Roman era has been found in Fayoum. “It is really a complete archive that highlights not only the names of priests who served in the temple during the Roman era but religious practices and

Tomb of Egyptian priest found near Giza

The 4,000-year-old tomb of Rwd-ka, an Egyptian priest, has been discovered near the pyramids at Giza. The tomb, which belonged to the priest Rwd-ka and dated back to the Fifth Dynasty of 2,514 to 2,374 BC, was found near the pyramids of Giza, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass told AFP. One