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Hitler’s prison documents to be auctioned

An auction house in Germany is putting up on the block a collection of 500 documents from the prison which held Adolf Hitler in 1924. [Thanks Frank!] The papers were discovered by a Nuremberg man among the possessions of his late father. Hitler spent nine months in prison after

Prison construction in Pennsylvania turns up two caskets

Two caskets which may date back to the 1800s were unearthed during a site excavation for the construction of a modular prison unit in Pennsylvania. Work was halted immediately at the site as prison officials called in county Coroner Wallace Miller and well-known forensic anthropologist Dennis Dirkmaat to examine the

British penal settlement excavated in Tasmania

Archaeologists have been excavating the notorious British penal settlement of Sarah Island, on Tasmania's remote west coast. Hemmed in by impenetrable wilderness, it housed the colony's hardest criminals, including the notorious cannibal Alexander Pearce. A team of ten archaeologists recently finished a three week dig on the island. Parks and

Family ‘should get Ned Kelly’s remains’

The remains of 43 executed prisoners, possibly including bushranger Ned Kelly have been found at Melbourne's old Pentridge Prison, prompting discussion on what to do with the remains. The discovery of Kelly's last resting place 14 months ago by historians and Heritage Victoria archaeologists in a previously unknown gravesite in the