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Human sacrifice remains at Peruvian temple belong to war captives

Analysis of the remains of human sacrificial victims found at an ancient Peruvian temple suggest that they were prisoners of war. Roughly 70 sacrifice victims have been found there so far—an indication of frequent human offerings. That alone suggests the slaughter of captured warriors rather than rare killings of elites to

Civil War POW camp to be excavated

Archaeologists in South Carolina are getting ready to excavated Camp Asylum, a state mental hospital which was used as a POW camp for two months during the Civil War. The 1,200 men weren’t held there long, just two months. But period drawings from what was called Camp Asylum show where they

Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell executed a POW

Documents which suggest that Baden-Powell, better known for founding the Boy Scouts, illegally executed a prisoner of war have been sold at auction. Papers relating to the Second Matabele War in 1896 say Baden-Powell, then a Colonel in the British Army, ordered the shooting of an African chief. The chief, Uwini, had

The man who smuggled himself into the Auschwitz death camp

The BBC has an interesting article about Denis Avey, a British soldier who smuggled himself into Auschwitz to witness the horror there. He arranged to swap for one night at a time with a Jewish inmate he had come to trust. He exchanged his uniform for the filthy, stripy garments the

WWII Diary found with coded plans for The Great Escape

Coded plans for "The Great Escape" have been found in the diary of a British prisoner of war. Ted Nestor was a prisoner of war (POW) at the camp where 77 Allied officers managed to dig a tunnel and escape. His journal includes stories of camp life, cartoons and even a coded

Auschwitz Memorial launches Facebook page

The Auschwitz death camp memorial museum has launched a Facebook page to reach young people around world. The memorial museum at Auschwitz has launched a Facebook page, hoping that the popular social networking site will help it reach young people around the globe and engage them in discussions about the former

For Sale on eBay: One WWII Prisoner of War camp, used

A couple have put the Harperley POW camp in England up for sale on eBay for close to $1.5 million dollars. You can check out the auction here. Harperley camp, near Crook, was turned into a tourist attraction in 2004, but the owners can no longer afford to complete its restoration. The