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Convict artifacts found at Port Arthur prison

Gambling tokens, buttons and carved clay pipes have been uncovered at Port Arthur prison in Tasmania. In the 1860s a second period of development saw toilets and washing areas erected for the prison population. One of the most curious aspects of the site was the advanced nature of the facilities. "There is a

19th-century circular prison block uncovered in Australia

The foundations of a 19th-century circular prison block has been unearthed at Pentridge Prison in southern Australia. Archaeologist and ABC TV host Adam Ford said a teenage Ned Kelly, when at Pentridge for three years in the early 1870s, would have spent time in at least one of them. ‘‘He went

Civil War prison camp found in Georgia

In what is considered to be one of the biggest Civil War finds in decades, archaeologists have found a lost stockade in Georgia. Life at Lawton, described as "foul and fetid," wasn't much better than at Andersonville, with the exception of plentiful water from Magnolia Springs. In its six

Evidence found of St. Peter’s prison

Archaeologists have found evidence which supports the theory that St. Peter was imprisoned in an underground dungeon by Emperor Nero before being crucified. The Mamertine Prison, a dingy complex of cells which now lies beneath a Renaissance church, has long been venerated as the place where the apostle was shackled

4,000-year-old prisons in Anatolia

Excavations in Turkey have revealed that there were prisons in Anatolia dating as far back as 4,000 years. peaking to the Anatolia news agency on Friday, Kulako?lu said their excavation work at Kültepe has revealed information about the lifestyles of peoples living there thousands of years ago, including new discoveries

Researchers uncover thousands more Nazi camps than previously thought

Researchers have found that there were around 20,000 Nazi prisons, ghettos and camps in WWII, over 4 times the number they were expecting to catalogue. The Encyclopaedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945 aims to catalogue most of Adolf Hitler's Nazi concentration camps, POW camps, prisons, and other persecution sites used during