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1,000-year-old projectile points and pottery found in Ontario

Archaeologists working on the banks of the Puce River in Ontario have found a collection of aboriginal items which date back 1,000 years. The artifacts that initially were found were projectile heads, or arrowheads, as well as clay pottery,” said Essex County’s engineering contracts manager Peter Bziuk. “There were fragments of pottery

40,000 prehistoric artifacts found in Wyoming

Over 40,000 artifacts, some of which date back 10,000 years, has shown that humans were living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, year round. The idea of year-round inhabitants in Jackson Hole isn’t so far fetched. Climate models show that, 5,000 to 7,000 years ago, Jackson Hole was warmer and wetter in the

Cache of 7,000-year-old projectile points found in Vermont

A cache of 7,000-year-old projectile points, likely arrowheads, have been found buried in a pit on land slated for development in Vermont. Scott Dillon, a survey archeologist with the division, said 16 projectiles were found at one location and appeared to be intentionally buried together in a pit. He said