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Butchered animal residues discovered on 250,000-year-old tools

Protein residue from butchered animals has been found on 250,000-year-old tools found in Jordan. While stone tools have been found before, the residue of the kinds of animals found on these ancient tools brought back surprising results, linking rhinoceros, horse, wild cattle and duck to these hominins. "The implication of all of

Humans ate fish 40,000 years ago

By analyzing the chemical compositions of the protein collagen found in an ancient human skeleton from Tianyuan Cave near Beijing, scientists have concluded that the person ate fish. Fishing at this time must have involved considerable effort, the researchers think, because fossil records suggest humans were not using sophisticated tools —

Oldest Dinosaur Protein Found – Blood Vessels, More

The fossilized leg of an 80-million-year-old hadrosaur has yielded the oldest known proteins preserved in soft tissue, including blood vessels and other connective tissue as well as perhaps blood cell proteins. The hints of hemoglobin remain speculative and are not covered in the new, peer-reviewed study, which appears in today's issue