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Our perception of flying reptlies is wrong

A new study has revealed that our common perception of how flying reptiles, such as pterosaurs, flew has been wrong all this time. The new research suggested that estimates of pterosaur wing size and shape have been wrong, and that, mechanically, the wings would have had to be crescent-shaped and angled

The difference between male and female pterosaurs

A new find reveals that pterosaurs laid soft eggs, more like a turtle than a bird, and that only male pterosaurs had elaborate crests on their heads. Darwinopterus fossils, for example, have been found with and without head crests. Until now, it was unclear whether crested individuals were male or female. The

Giraffe-size pterosaurs “pole-vaulted” into the air

A new study is claiming that a giraffe-sized pterosaur would perform a "pole-vaulting" action in order to take flight. Previous theories have asserted that giant pterosaurs could have been six metres tall with a wingspan of up to 12 metres but the researchers argue that five metres high with a

Giant pterosaurs could fly 10,000 miles nonstop

An analysis of giant pterosaurs show that they could fly as much as 10,000 miles in one stretch. The new flight distance estimate for pterosaurs is based on the latest models of the ancient animals' wingspans, wing shapes, body masses, and fat capacities. "The tricky part was deciding how

Elaborate body traits due to sex

A new study has come to the conclusion that some of the oversize body traits we find in the fossil record, such as the large sail of Dimetrodon, were due to sexual competition. One of the prehistoric animals looked at by the researchers were pterosaurs - flying reptiles which became

New species of pterosaur found in Sahara desert

A new pterosaur, called Alanqa saharica, has been discovered in Africa. The pterosaur, which had a lance-shaped lower jaw making it look like a huge heron, was found by a team of scientists from University College Dublin, the University of Portsmouth and Universite Hassan II in Casablanca. According to the

New species of pterosaur found in Texas

A new species of winged reptile has been found outside of Dallas. The recently discovered pterosaur, dubbed Aetodactylus halli, was identified based on a 95-million-year-old lower jawbone found outside of Dallas by amateur fossil hunter Lance Hall. The pterosaur had a relatively slender jaw filled with thin, needlelike teeth, which