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1,400-year-old Moche pyramid discovered in Peru

A 1,400-year-old Moche pyramid has been uncovered in Peru. The flat-topped pyramid, which was built by the Moche culture, was used for the living rather than just for the dead, and contains a wealth of artefacts, murals and human remains. The pyramid was discovered at Huaca Colorada, which translates as

Bolivian pyramid’s makeover mistake

In a bid to attract more tourists, the town of Tiwanaku in Bolvia restored an ancient pre-Columbian pyramid. However, they made a major mistake when they rebuilt it using adobe instead of stone. Now, the Akapana pyramid risks losing its designation as a U.N. World Heritage Site, and there is concern

Avocado planters stumble across ancient pyramid

While looking for a place to plant avocado, two men in Mexico discovered a previously unknown yacata pyramid. After covering the area, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) expert ratified there is one 4 meters pyramid with a 20 by 14 meters rectangular base and 6 staggered bodies. Conservation

Ancient island with pyramid found in Mexico

In Central Mexico an island has been found that contains a treasury and a small pyramid that may have been used for rituals. The island, called Apupato, belonged to the powerful Tarascan Empire, which dominated much of western Mexico from A.D. 1400 to 1520, before the European conquest of the region. "If

Ancient 16th century imperial ritual complex discovered in Mexico

An ancient imperial ritual complex has been discovered in Mexico, dating to a century before the European conquest.The site includes a small pyramid, several platforms, a possible imperial treasury, and a colonial chapel. "By walking over the entire island we were able to document 2,000 years of continuous occupation, climate change

Egypt finds 5,000-year-old tomb near Lahun pyramid

Archaeologists have discovered a nearly 5,000-year-old tomb near Egypt's mud brick Lahun pyramid. The find, down crumbling steps in sand covered desert rock, debunks a prior understanding by archaeologists that the site dates back only to 12th dynasty pharaoh Senusret II who ruled 4,000 years ago, archaeologist Abdul Rahman Al-Ayedi said. "The