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Gate to terracotta army tomb found

A fourth gate has been found which leades to the tomb of China's first emperor, Qin Shihuangdi. The People’s Daily Online says the north gate is huge, some 93 metres (about 280 feet) tall by seven (21 ft) metres and was built in the north facing wall of the

China plans new terracotta warrior excavation

Archaeologists in China plan to excavate more of the life-size terracotta warriors in Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb. Archaeologists hope to uncover more of the elaborately carved officers to add to the 1,000-plus statues already excavated, the official China Daily newspaper said Wednesday. Special care will be taken to preserve the figures'

China’s “first emperor” banned Buddhism

According to researchers, Emperor Qin Shihuang, best known for the first version of the Great Wall and being burried with a terra cotta army of guards and horses, attempted to crush Buddhism during his reign.  "China's first and most influential history book, the Historical Records, stated clearly that Emperor Qin Shihuang