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Cannon recovered from the Queen Anne’s Revenge

A 23rd cannon has been recovered from the pirate Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. The trip was the latest in 17 years of recovery efforts at the Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck site. The flagship of the infamous pirate Blackbeard sank off the coast of Beaufort after running aground nearly 300

Two more cannons raised from the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Two more cannons have been raised to the surface from the pirate Blackbeard's sunken ship: The Queen Anne's Revenge. “We’re all lucky to be able to be here to witness this,” said state archaeologist Steve Claggett. Divers with the state’s Underwater Archaeology Branch held off on bringing up a third cannon but

North Carolina wreck officially Queen Anne’s Revenge

For 15 years a wreck off the North Carolina coast has thought to have belonged to the pirate Blackbeard. Now, officials are conclusively stating that yes, the ship is infact the Queen Anne's Revenge. "We have now changed our position, and we are quite categorically saying that it's the Queen Anne's

Blackbeard’s anchor to be recovered

The anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge is set to be recovered from its resting place off the coast of North Carolina. The anchor is believed to be the second biggest on the site, measuring about 13 feet (4 metres) long with arms that are eight feet (2.4 metres) wide and

Pirate’s sword pulled from Blackbeard’s ship

The hilt of an ornamental sword has been pulled from Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. After running aground on a sandbar in 1718 near the town of Beaufort (map), the ship was abandoned but likely remained intact and partly above water for as long as a year before collapsing and

Experimental underwater preservation of the Queen Anne’s Revenge

Experimental work has begun to preserve artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge while they are still on the ocean floor. Staff from the N.C. Underwater Archaeology Branch conducted a three-day expedition at the QAR site this week and focused on a new “in situ” method of conservation that begins the

250,000 artifacts recovered from pirate Blackbeard’s ship

250,000 artifacts have been recovered from the Queen Anne's Revenge, the pirate Blackbeard's flagship. “Some artifacts are in a stone like coating and are concreted together,” explained Chief Conservator Sarah Watkins-Kenney.  “We may not know what’s in them when they come up.  Some objects, like ballast stones, don’t take

Divers recover anchor from Blackbeard’s flagship

Divers off the coast of North Carolina have recovered an anchor thought to belong to the pirate Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. [Thx Matt Poland] An anchor from a shipwreck thought to be Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, was so unstable that divers in North Carolina retrieved it Wednesday