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Ancient palace found in Japan

A palace complex dating back to the 3rd century has been found at the Makimuku archaeological site. "The latest finding virtually confirms that buildings stood in a regular geometry along the central axis of a quadrangular area stretching 150 meters from east to west," said Hironobu Ishino, director of the Hyogo

Remains 3rd century Queen Himiko’s palace found in Japan

What may be the remains of Queen Himiko's palace have been found in Nara, Japan. This photo taken Nov. 5, 2009, shows remains of a building structure (inside white borders at bottom) dating back to the early third century in western Japan's Nara Prefecture which could be a palace of legendary

Tomb of legendary Japanese Queen Himiko identified

Archaeologists believe they have identified the tomb of the legendary Queen Himiko, who ruled the Yamatai kingdom in the 3rd century. One of the biggest question marks remains over whether Himiko was a queen or more of a shaman. Excavation of the tomb could settle that debate once and for all, although