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Egyptian queen’s burial chamber unearthed

A 4,000-year-old burial chamber which belongs to an ancient Egyptian queen has been found outside Cairo. The necropolis of Saqqara outside Cairo has yielded a string of new discoveries as 10 different teams excavate a previously untouched area of these burial grounds were used continuously for more than 2,000

Early queen’s skeleton found in German cathedral

The remains of one of the earlist members of the English royal family may have been found in a German cathedral. They believe a near-complete female skeleton, aged 30 to 40, found wrapped in silk in a lead coffin in Magdeburg Cathedral is that of Queen Eadgyth. The granddaughter of Alfred the

Essay by 10-year-old Paul McCartney found in library

An essay about the Queen of England's coronation, written by Sir Paul McCartney (of Beatles fame) when he was 10, has been found after lying undiscovered in Liverpool's Central Library for over 50 years. Thought to be one of the earliest surviving written works by Sir Paul, the essay gave him

Rare footage of Queen Elizabeth II as a young woman

The BBC has released rare footage of the Queen of England as a teenager and a young woman. This collection follows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's journey from Princess to Queen, from her first broadcast at the age of 14 to the announcement of her accession at 24. The programmes reveal the

Evidence discovered of woman “king” in ancient Canaan

Archaeologists have uncovered possible evidence that one of the rulers of Canaan, all previously believed to have been male, may have been a woman. The plaque itself depicts a figure dressed as royal male figures and deities once appeared in Egyptian and Canaanite art. The figure's hairstyle, though, is womanly and