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Neanderthals did not hunt rabbits

New research has found that Neanderthals did not hunt rabbits, unlike modern humans who did. This may provide clues as to why Neanderthals went extinct while we flourished. “Rabbits originated in Iberia and they are a very special kind of resource, in that they can be found in large numbers, they

Failure to hunt rabbits may have led to Neanderthal demise

New research suggests that while Neanderthals could hunt large animals, it was their inability to hunt small prey that may have led to their demise. Fa and his team analyzed animal bone remains spanning a period of 50,000 years from Neanderthal and modern-human-occupied sites across Iberia, the part of Europe that

Giant rabbit fossil found in Spain

The fossilized remains of a giant rabbit have been found on the Spanish island of Minorca. The team has just announced the discovery of Earth's biggest known rabbit species, an oddly unbunny-like giant dubbed Nuralagus rex—"the Minorcan king of the hares." The 26-pound (12-kilogram) prehistoric species was about six times bigger than

Rabbits threaten archaeological sites

After paying to get rid of rats, rabbits have now overrun the tiny Hebridean Island of Canna, and they are damaging the island's archaeological sites. "We don't want the rats back - but the rabbits have become a major problem. They are threatening our archaeology which goes back 8000 years