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Roman temple found during radar survey in Italy

A huge Roman temple has been found at Falerii Novi, 30 miles north of Rome, using radar technology. A Roman temple the size of St Paul’s Cathedral has been found by a Cambridge University-led team in central Italy. The building, which was colonnaded on three sides, occupied a site 120m long and

Probing Lake Quarun for Egyptian antiquities

Experts are exploring the depths of Lake Qarun, south of Cairo, with remote sensing radar in an attempt to find sunken artifacts. Antiquities supremo Zahi Hawass said the work was launched a few days ago. "It is the first time ever that the antiquities department carries out an archaeological mission

Radar reveals extent of buried city in Egypt

A team of archaeologists have used radar imaging to determine the extent of the 3,500-year-old ruins of Hyksos. Egypt was ruled for a century from 1664-1569 B.C. by the Hyksos, a warrior people from Asia, possibly Semitic in origin, whose summer capital was in the northern Delta area. Irene Mueller,

How ground-penetrating radar has transformed archaeology

Jarrod Burks explains how radar technology has changed the way archaeologists dig in the dirt. "Instead of throwing a dart into the middle of 40 acres, this accurately says 'Here's a bulls-eye,' " said Rick Perkins, chief ranger at the Hopewell Cultural National Park. Outside his office at Ohio Valley Archeology on