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145-year-old wheelhouse unearthed in Canada

A 19th-century wheelhouse has been unearthed during construction outside of Ottawa, Canada. The railway turntable, also known as a wheelhouse, was operated by the Ottawa St. Lawrence Railways. It was discovered two weeks ago on the site where Trinity Developments is planning to build several mixed-use condo towers. In its day, trains

19th century railroad tools found in Calgary

Railway tools used in the construction of the Canadian Pacific railway in the 1880s have been found by utility workers in Calgary, Alberta. Old metal tools including a pickaxe head and rail spikes as well as a brick and a variety of other items were found in a small square right

200-year-old wooden railroad found in England

Wooden rails dating back 200 years have been found along the banks of the River Tyne in England. Richard said: “The wooden waggonway uncovered by the excavation is the direct ancestor of the modern standard gauge railway.” Newcastle historian Les Turnbull, whose book on waggonways, entitled Railways Before George Stephenson, was published

Walrus bones found beneath London railway station

Nine bones from a large Pacific walrus have been found in a coffin underneath St. Pancras Railway Station which was built on top of St. Pancras churchyard in 1868. Archaeologists have been left baffled by the discovery of walrus bones in a coffin under St Pancras Station. They were found during excavations

World’s oldest railway tunnel to be mapped

Archaeologists will be employing the use of laser scanners to map the Butterly Gangroad in Derbyshire, England, which was built in 1793. He said: “It’s got a claim to being the oldest railway tunnel in the world, but it could have been reconstructed at some stage. There’s a lot of these

Toronto archaeological site to be plowed for new condos

A 19th century site that shows evidence of Toronto's railway boom is set to be demolished for the construction of new condominiums. The dig, adjacent to the Bathurst Street bridge south of Front Street, uncovered the foundations of part of a giant cruciform-shaped building that in the 1850s housed the steam