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Rain damages ancient pagodas in Myanmar

Heavy rain in Myanmar has damaged a number of ancient Buddhist pagodas. “We started renovation on the morning of October 21 when the rain slowed down. We will work on it as quickly as possible to restore the damage,” he said. “We were in the middle of planning a long-term project to

Heavy rains unearth Hellenistic tombs

Heavy rains in Greece have unearthed eight tombs, only one of which was intact. Eight tombs dating to the Hellenist Period were partially revealed recently in the region of Gonous, Larissa prefecture, after flooding caused by heavy rainfall swept away a rural dirt road. The Archaeological Service subsequently conducted an excavation, which

Ancient Mayans made pyramids to make music for rain god

Researchers are theorizing that many Mayan pyramids were built to make "raindrop" music to communicate with their rain god. Take for example, Mexico’s El Castillo pyramid in Chichen Itza. As visitors climb the colossal staircase, their footsteps begin to sound like raindrops falling into a bucket of water as they near