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LiDAR locates possible lost city hidden in Honduras rainforest

Researchers performing a Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) survey of the rainforests of Honduras have identified ancient ruins, possibly the lost city of  Ciudad Blanca, beneath the think jungle canopy. In the Honduras project, the UH team blanketed the area with as many 25 to 50 laser pulses per square meter --

Are humans responsible for Africa’s lost rainforests?

New research indicates that the rise of agriculture in Central Africa may have contributed to the demise of the lust rainforests of the area. About 3000 years ago, Central Africa was a landscape in transition. Lush evergreen forests were gradually giving way to savannas and grasslands as regional climate change pushed

Ancient rainforest collapse paved way for dinosaurs

300 million years ago the tropical rainforests along the equator collapsed, allowing for an explosion in reptile diversity which led to the rise of the dinosaurs. Researchers believe the destruction of the rainforests kicked off an evolutionary burst amongst reptiles and inadvertently paved the way for the rise of dinosaurs

90 pre-Columbian settlements found in Amazon jungle

Researchers are finding that the pre-Columbian societies that settled in the rainforests of the Amazon were much more advanced and larger than previously thought. "The most surprising thing is that many of these settlements are a long way from rivers, and are located in rainforest areas that extremely sparsely populated