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Easter Islanders didn’t eat much seafood

A study of teeth from 41 individuals whose remains were found on Easter Island has revealed that their diet was made up mostly of plants, rats and chickens. To determine the diet of its past inhabitants, researchers analyzed the nitrogen and carbon isotopes, or atoms of an element with different numbers

Easter Island stone statues “walked” out of quarry

New research suggests that the giant stone statues of Easter Island were "walked" out of the quarry by rocking them from side-to-side. Some statues are found on stone pedestals; others are in incomplete forms along roads or in a quarry. The incomplete statues — which Lipo says would have been modified

Outsiders caused demise of Easter Island

New research is blaming outsiders for the downfall of the people living on Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island). Dr Croucher, whose research is funded by the British Academy, added: “There is a growing body of opinion which says history has been unkind to the Easter Islanders - and my research

Were rats responsible for deforesting Easter Island?

Are stowaway rats responsible for the treeless Easter Island? First, they set the date for colonization of the island to 1200 A.D. in a radiocarbon dating paper in the journal Science, more recent by at least a century than past estimates. Next, they proposed, based on DNA evidence and chewed palm

Migration from French Polynesia due to food poisoning?

According to new research, a ciguatera outbreak may have inspired early Polynesian wayfarers to undertake risky voyages across the Pacific to populate Hawaii, New Zealand and Rapa Nui. Using archaeological evidence, prehistoric climate data and recent reports of ciguatera poisoning from the consumption of contaminated reef fish, researchers at the Florida