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Richard III’s remains to be reburied in Leicester

British judges have ruled that the remains of King Richard III, found under a car park in 2012, will be reburied in Leicester. "It is time for Richard III to be given a dignified reburial, and finally laid to rest," the judges said in their ruling. The decision was greeted by applause

Greek economic crises forces artifacts underground

Due to lack of funding caused by the economic crises in Greece, archaeologists have been forced to rebury valuable discoveries which make their vulnerable to looting. Tiverios recently persuaded the culture ministry to rebury a previously-unknown Early Christian basilica, found two years ago during work on Thessaloniki's new underground railway. "Let us

2,000-year-old remains to be reburied in First Nations ceremony

The bones of a 2,050-year-old man found underneath a parking lot in Peterborough, Ontario, will be reburied during a five-day spitiual ceremony by the Curve Lake First Nation's tribe. On Dec. 6, 1960, a city employee working on a new parking lot on the north side of Brock St. between