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Jewish bones given ceremonial burial in Norwich

In Norwich, the remains of 17 people found in a well in 2004, victims of a 12th century religious massacre against Jewish residents of the area, have been given a ceremonial burial an "historic event". Norwich had been home to a thriving Jewish community since 1135 and many lived near the

Remains of ancient monks to be reburied

The remains of nine bodies, uncovered at Eynsham Abbey in England in the 1980s and 90s and kept in a storeroom since then, are set to be reburied. Father Martin Flatman, of St Peter’s Church, in Abbey Street, Eynsham, said: “When I found out these bodies were still in a storeroom

1,000-year-old remains to be reburied

The ancient remains of 53 people unearthed during the construction of a dam in Utah are set to be reburied this spring. A final resting place is finally coming for 53 people whose remains have been kept in a metal box for years. The first set of Native American bones was found

Greek economic crises forces artifacts underground

Due to lack of funding caused by the economic crises in Greece, archaeologists have been forced to rebury valuable discoveries which make their vulnerable to looting. Tiverios recently persuaded the culture ministry to rebury a previously-unknown Early Christian basilica, found two years ago during work on Thessaloniki's new underground railway. "Let us

Remains of Gold Rush-era executed convicts reburied

The remains of four people executed for murder during the Klondike Gold Rush over a century ago were reburied on the weekend. The remains were discovered during excavation work last November at a new waste water treatment plant in Dawson City. Two sets of remains have since been identified as Dawson and

Nicolaus Copernicus reburied

Nicolaus Copernicus has been reburied after the his remains were exhumed to conclusively identify them, 467 years after his death. A painstaking search ensued for several years until the precious genetic material required was finally found. Göran Henriksson, astronomer at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, searching in a book

Body of sailor from doomed Franklin Expedition laid to rest

160 years after he died in the Canadian Artic during the ill-fated Franklin Expedition, the remains of Lieutenant Henry Le Vesconte have been laid to rest in London, England. The 20-year search for the ships commanded by Sir John Franklin yielded various artifacts and the graves of several of the doomed