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Heidelberg Castle digitally reconstructed

Heidelberg Castle in Germany has been digitally reconstructed using photographs, drawings and surveys of the ruins. Germany's Heidelberg Castle has been digitally reconstructed to show what it would have looked like before it was destroyed by lightning, war and fire – and it very much resembles the setting of 2014 movie

Face of Neolithic man reconstructed

Researchers have reconstructed the face of a man who lived 9,500 years ago in Jericho. The Jericho Skull is a face modeled in plaster over the man's actual skull, which has now come to life in the vivid reconstruction described in the latest issue of British Archaeology. The man's identity remains unknown,

5,000-year-old burial mound reconstructed

Researchers have been working to reconstructed a 5,000-year-old monumental burial mound found in Ukraine. Scientists reconstructed the monumental 5 thousand years old tomb discovered on the border between Ukraine and Moldova. It belonged to a representative of the elite of the community of nomadic shepherds. "This is the most complex tomb that

Olduvai Gorge landscape reconstructed

Researchers from Rutgers university have reconstructed the 1.8-million-year-old landscape at Olduvai Gorge. The landscape reconstruction will help paleoanthropologists develop ideas and models on what early humans were like, how they lived, how they got their food (especially protein), what they ate and drank and their behavior, Ashley said. Famous paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey

Face of saxon man reconstructed

Forensic experts have recreated the face of a Saxon man who lived between 1035 - 1070 A.D. “Osteological analysis identified the skeleton as that of a man aged between 36 and 45 years old. He had suffered from a range of degenerative bone diseases suggesting an active and strenuous lifestyle. His

Volunteers rebuild Neolithic Stonehenge homes

Volunteers have banded together to re-create the "bright and airy" homes of those who built Stonehenge. The "bright and airy" Neolithic homes are closely based on archaeological remains of houses, discovered just over a mile away from Stonehenge. Dated to about the same time as the large sarsen stones were being erected,

16th century galleon to be reconstructed

A team of Spanish maritime heritage experts are planning to reconstruct the oldest shipwreck ever found in Canada: a 16th-century Basque whaling galleon. Parks Canada underwater archeologists, who discovered the 250-tonne San Juan in 1978 after following documented clues about a lost galleon traced by federal archivist Selma Barkham, will meet

Faces of 150-year-old sailors reconstructed

Forensic anthropologists have reconstructed the faces of two sailors whose skulls were recovered from the USS Monitor which sank 150 years ago. Originally discovered by Navy divers during the recovery of the gun turret from the ocean floor in 2002, the remains were retrieved by archaeologist Eric Emery of the Joint