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19th century wine recovered from sunken ship

Five bottles of wine have been recovered from the sunken blockade runner Mary Celestia which sank in 1864. The find adds weight to the theory that the ship was carrying contraband in its bow or that the bosun (the senior crew-member) had stowed away a personal stash of goods there. The Mary-Celestia

Blackbeard’s anchor to be recovered

The anchor from the Queen Anne's Revenge is set to be recovered from its resting place off the coast of North Carolina. The anchor is believed to be the second biggest on the site, measuring about 13 feet (4 metres) long with arms that are eight feet (2.4 metres) wide and

The race against time to recover WWII’s fallen

There are almost 73,500 missing Americans who lost their lives in WWII, and time is running out to recover their remains. But most vital are the memories of elderly villagers who dig back deep into their past, some with sadness about old allies, some with nagging guilt about the killing of