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Paleolithic child’s skull found with imprinted image of his brain

A skull found at Calabria's Paleolithic site in Italy has been used to recreate the brain of a 12-year-old boy who lived 17,000 years ago. “The boy was still growing and therefore the bones of his skull were quite soft,” explained Fabio Martini, a professor of ancient history at the University

King Richard III’s medieval inn digitally recreated

Archaeologists have digitally recreated the medieval inn where King Richard III slept the night before he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.   The site is wreathed in local legends. One says the inn was originally called The White Boar, which was Richard's emblem. The landlord heard the news

Darwin’s great-great-granddaughter recreates historic voyage

The great-great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin has set sail from Devon in an attempt to recreate her forebearer's historic voyage on the HMS Beagle. Darwin's original five-year voyage of discovery on HMS Beagle began in 1831 from Plymouth Sound. Biologist and botanist Sarah Darwin, 44, will retrace her forefather's footsteps. "We're going in his

12th century map recreated for Dover Castle

A medieval 'Mappa Mundi' has been re-created for Dover Castle using paint made from ground up lapis lazuli, malachite, a pigment known as 'dragon's blood', ink from oak galls and 23.5 carat gold leaf. "Medieval maps are laden with meanings and convey a world view typified by a fear of God