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Early hominids recycled

Israeli scientists have found that early hominids recycled old stone tools and bone objects. If you thought recycling was just a modern phenomenon championed by environmentalists— think again. There is mounting evidence that hundreds of thousands of years ago, our prehistoric ancestors recycled objects they used in their daily lives, say

Humans recycled stone tools

Evidence that stone tools were recycled by ancient humans has been found in Tarragona, Spain. "In order to identify the recycling, it is necessary to differentiate the two stages of the manipulation sequence of an object: the moment before it is altered and the moment after. The two are separated by

Ancient Romans reduced, re-used and recycled

An analysis of ancient Roman glassware show that the Romans recycled older glass to make new objects. According to their study published in the upcoming December issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science, large quantities of glass were recycled in Britain during the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D. However, the

Viking ‘recycling’ centre discovered

A Viking 'recycling' centre has been discovered at the battle of Fulford site near York, England. Historians and metal detector enthusiasts believe they have found York’s first metal recycling centre – dating back to 1066. A ten-year project aimed at discovering the site of the battle of Fulford, which preceded the better