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Skull bone from the Buddha found in China

A skull bone that may have belonged to the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, has been found in China inside a Buddhist shrine. Archaeologists have discovered what may be a skull bone from the revered Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. The bone was hidden inside a model of a stupa, or a Buddhist shrine used

Religious relic stolen from Dublin cathedral

A religious relic, the heard of the 12th-century St. Laurence O'Toole, has been stolen from the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. It is the most recent case in a rash of thefts that have taken place in Ireland. After scrutiny of closed-circuit television video, the police are now concentrating on two

Tiny Christian relic found

A tiny 1,400-year-old Christian relic has been unearthed in Jerusalem. The box, carved from the bone of a cow, horse or camel, decorated with a cross on the lid and measuring only 0.8 inches by 0.6 inches (2 centimeter by 1.5 centimeter), was likely carried by a Christian believer around the

Relics from Richard II’s tomb found in National Portait Gallery

An archivist has discovered relics from King Richard II's tomb found in unopened boxes at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. Fragments of wood, leather and fabric from the coffin of the medieval English king, who died in 1400, were found in a cigarette box, along with sketches

Remains of John the Baptist allegedly found in Bulgaria

Relics attributed to John the Baptist have been fuond on the Bulgarian island of St. Ivan. Last week it was reported that excavations on St Ivan island, the largest of five Bulgarian islands in the Black Sea, discovered artefacts and exquisite marble reliquary incorporated into the church’s altar, the historian

Remains of Joan of Arc relics confirmed as fakes

Testing has shown that the "remains" of Joan of Arc, kept in Chinon, France, are a mummified cat leg bone and a human rib, both dating back to the 6th-3rd century B.C. A few years ago, Philippe Charlier, a forensic scientist at Raymond Poincare Hospital in Garches, France, and his team

Collector finds Galileo’s lost tooth, thumb and finger

An Italian art collector has found a tooth, thumb and finger which belonged to Galileo Galilei who died in the 17th century. The body parts, along with another finger and a vertebrae, were cut from Galileo's corpse by scientists and historians during a burial ceremony held 95 years after his death

Relics of medieval saint found in Bulgaria

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have found the relics of a medieval saint at the fortress of Perperikon. The remains of human bones were found inside one of two bronze crosses as the archaeologists were excavating two churches. One of the crosses is larger and has an life-like image of the crucified Jesus Christ