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Remains of Saint Erik analyzed

Analysis has been carried out on the remains of Saint Erik, which have sat in a reliquary since 1257. The reliquary contains 23 bones, seemingly from the same individual. They are also accompanied by an unrelated shinbone. The radiocarbon values measured in the bones are consistent with a death in 1160.

Medieval reliquary found in Bulgaria

A medieval reliquary and a piece of a bronze cross have been found at the ruins of a monastery in Bulgaria. The reliquary probably contained relics of a Christian saint during the Middle Ages but has been found empty. The other artifact is part of the arm of a large decorated bronze

Remains of John the Baptist allegedly found in Bulgaria

Relics attributed to John the Baptist have been fuond on the Bulgarian island of St. Ivan. Last week it was reported that excavations on St Ivan island, the largest of five Bulgarian islands in the Black Sea, discovered artefacts and exquisite marble reliquary incorporated into the church’s altar, the historian