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Ice Age flint tools found during road works

Flint tools dating back to the Ice Age have been found during road repairs in Nottinghamshite, England. The Highways Agency said the finds included ancient flint tools and flint knapping debris dating back to about 11,000 BC - around the end of the last Ice Age when Stone Age hunter-gathers

Roof of church over Shakespeare’s grave in danger of collapsing

The roof over William Shakespare's grave, the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-on-Avon, is in danger of collapse. Workmen repairing lead on the roof have found that the main beams of the chancel roof are rotting faster than originally thought. Urgent building work is now required to repair the beams, costing £50,000, to

Canterbury Cathedral repaired with duct tape

Pillars holding up Canterbury Cathedral, founded in 602, are being held together by duct tape because of a shortage of funds needed to carry out urgent repairs. Experts warn that parts of the cathedral are "falling down" and that the building as a whole is "in serious jeopardy". A fifth of the