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Replica of King Tut’s tomb nearly complete

A full-sized exact replica of Tutankhamun tomb is nearly finished and set to open soon in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. A group of workers, archaeologists and architects is busy at work at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank at Luxor, where the tombs of

Ark of the Covenant “replica” on display in Zimbabwe

A wooden object which is claimed to be a replica of the Ark of the Covenant has gone on display in Zimbabwe museum. The "ngoma lungundu" belongs to the Lemba people - black Africans who claim Jewish ancestry. They say the vessel was built almost 700 years ago from

Bronze Age Loch Tay logboat recreated

A team of history and woodwork experts have converged upon Loch Tay in Scotland to recreate a 3,000-year-old logboat discovered there in 1994. They hope to learn more about how prehistoric communities made such vessels. Woodworking specialist Damian Goodburn said: "We've had some tools specially made, which are replicas of late Bronze

Ancient Philippine boat recreated

A replica of an 1,700-year-old Philippine boat has been recreated and launched by a group of adventurers who are planning to sail it around Southeast Asia and possibly Africa. The replica of the balangay — a wooden-hulled boat used in the archipelago about 1,700 years ago — was built in 44

Replica pre-Columbian trading raft sets sail

For the first time in nearly 500 years, a full-size balsa-wood raft just like those used in pre-Columbian Pacific trade has taken to the water. Based on drawings and descriptions recorded by Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch explorers, Dewan and Hosler figured out the dimensions and construction methods that most likely were

Replica of Ming Dynasty ship to retrace ancient sea routes

A city in Taiwan is buidling a replica of a 17th century Chinese general's ship to commemorate him and to boost tourism in Tainan City. The Tainan-based Dragon Yacht Building Ltd. has been commissioned by the city government to build the replica to specifications of 29.5 meters in length, and 7.26

Phoenician replica readies for Mediterranean crossing

A team of 20 rowers aim to cross the Mediterranean Sea, from Turkey to France, in a replica Phoenician-style "bireme" ship. "It’s the most precise replica of the boats from that era possible. It was built from what was found during digs," said the boats captain, archeologist Osman Erkurt. The Kybele, whose