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The world’s oldest toothache

Evidence of what could be the world's oldest toothache has been identified after analyzing the skull of a 275 million year old reptile found in Oklahoma. The find predates the previous record-holder (another land vertebrate with dental disease) by nearly 200 million years. The newly discovered tooth infection may have been

Giraffe-size pterosaurs “pole-vaulted” into the air

A new study is claiming that a giraffe-sized pterosaur would perform a "pole-vaulting" action in order to take flight. Previous theories have asserted that giant pterosaurs could have been six metres tall with a wingspan of up to 12 metres but the researchers argue that five metres high with a

318 million-year-old reptile tracks found in New Brunswick

Ancient reptile footprints have been found along the Bay of Fundy shoreline in New Brunswick, Canada. "These are quite remarkable," he said Thursday. "It's not just one set of footprints. The slabs are covered with footprints." Miller said he actually had his back to the slab and was examining plant

Extinct crocodile was mammal-like

The discovery of perhistoric crocodile fossils show that the croc was more mammal-like than reptile-like. Our group, our research team, has been working in southern Tanzania for a few years now and we've found a very exciting new type of crocodile. This animal is very small compared to what