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Turkey celebrates return of over 3,500 artifacts

Officials in Turkey held a ceremony celebrating the return of 3,609 artifacts which had been smuggled out of Anatolia into Serbia. Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertu?rul Günay attended the ceremony at his ministry's opera building on the occasion of the return of 1,865 artifacts that had been illegally transported to

Turkey requests return of sphinx from Germany

Turkey has given Germany until June to return a sphinx which dates back to 1400BC. "Given the particular nature and history of German-Turkish relations, we need to find a new, constructive way to solve this case," he added. "Threatening to close German digs in Turkey ... does not create a climate

The Met to return 19 Egyptian artifacts

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is returning to Egypt 19 objects which were buried with King Tutankhamun. A small bronze dog and a sphinx bracelet-element were attributed with certainty to Tutankhamun's splendid burial chamber, which was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 in the Valley of Kings,