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10,000-year-old rice found in China

Rice phytoliths from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River have been dated back nearly 10,000 years. Remarkably, archaeologists have now unearthed bits of this rice at a site called Shangshan. The grains, of course, were eaten long ago and the plant stalks have long been rotten, but one tiny part

DNA of ancient rice undergoes sequencing

Researchers have sequenced the DNA of ancient rice found at sites in Japan and Korea. In an effort to glimpse the past use of the cultivated cereal, a team of scientists dug into the genome of grains of rice excavated from archaeological sites in Japan and Korea, and the research team's

2,500-year-old rice paddies found in Japan

Archaeologists digging on the island of Honshu have found remnants of 2,500-year-old rice paddies. The findings showed that 5,500 square meters of rice paddies had been planted in the early Yayoi Pottery Culture period (300 B.C.-A.D. 300) in what is now central Nara, researchers at the Archaeological Institute of Kashihara of

Neolithic rice paddy discovered in Eastern China

Traces of a rice paddy that dates back to Neolithic times has been found in eastern China. Researchers with the institute found that the paddy was divided into parts with different shapes, each covering less than 10 square meters. They also found carbonized rice that was confirmed to have grown more than

Fossilized maize and rice found in Indonesia

Fossilized maize and rice have been found inside a bamboo basket on the slope of Mount Sindoro in Central Java. “The finding is also crucial to help us trace the history of food cultivation and technology in Indonesia, especially in Java,” said Siswanto, who spoke during the opening of the 2014

Ancient cultivated rice grains found in Japan

11 ancient grains of rice which date back to between 2,600 and 2,400 years ago have been found in Japan. The rice grains, which were first excavated in November, were brown and about four millimeters in length. The rice did not have husks. The grains are believed to have been so

Agriculture began in China before arrival of domesticated rice

An analysis of 5,000-year-old grinding stones found in China has revealed that the people of the area may have already been practicing agriculture before the arrival of domesticated rice. “From a sample of grinding stones we extracted very small quantities of adhering sediment trapped in pits and cracks on the tool

Farmers genetically bred rice 10,000 years ago

A genetic study of rice has revealed that 10,000 years ago farmers in China were selectively breeding the staple. Chinese rice farmers 10,000 years ago were early pioneers of modern genetic breeding. Like modern breeders they seemed to realise that shorter plants would produce higher yields, and unwittingly selected for mutations