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3D model of Richard III’s spine shows scoliosis

A 3D model of the spine of King Richard III has revealed the king suffered from prominent scoliosis. The most recent findings of Richard’s remains, which were hastily buried without shroud or coffin, reveals that his spine shows strong evidence of scoliosis. Richard III was popularized in Shakespearean literature as a

Richard III’s remains to be reburied in Leicester

British judges have ruled that the remains of King Richard III, found under a car park in 2012, will be reburied in Leicester. "It is time for Richard III to be given a dignified reburial, and finally laid to rest," the judges said in their ruling. The decision was greeted by applause

Evidence of King Richard III lost chapel found in York

Archaeologists working in York, England, have found evidence of a memorial chapel that King Richard III commissioned to be built in 1483. A University of York spokesman for the department stressed the research so far looked positive, but said researchers can’t prove exactly where the chapel was until a larger excavation

King Richard III suffered from roundworms

Evidence of roundworms, a parasite spread through ingestion of food and water contaminated by fecal matter, has been found in the grave of Richard III. Several eggs were found in samples taken from the pelvis, where the king's intestines would have been, but not from the skull and only very small

Archaeologists may have found Richard III’s skeleton

Archaeologists have been searching for the body of King Richard III underneath a parking lot in England. Now they have uncovered human remains and are proceeding to genetically test them to see if they belong to the king. Archaeologists searching for the body of England's King Richard III under a city

Is King Richard III’s final resting place underneath a car park?

Archaeologists believe they have located the final resting place of King Richard III - underneath a council car park in Leicester, England. Historical records show that Richard III was buried in the church of a Franciscan friary in Leicester shortly after his defeat and death at the hands of Henry Tudor's