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Roman settlements and road found in northern England

Evidence of wealthy Roman settlements and a section of Roman roadway have been uncovered in North Yorkshire. Construction work to upgrade Britain's longest road into a major highway has revealed a treasure trove of rare artifacts from one of the earliest and wealthiest Roman settlements in the country. The findings include ancient

Roman road segments found in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Archaeologists have found previously unknown sections of Roman road in the ancient Roman province of Dalmatia, current-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this year's research we were able to find some previously unknown sections of Roman roads, including the Salona-Narona road that was key to the whole Roman province of Dalmatia" -

3,000-year-old canal system unearthed in China

A 3,000-year-old system of canals and roads have been unearthed at Yinxu, the ancient capital of the Shang Dynansty in China's Henan Province. Archeologists have excavated an area of dozens of hectares in Yinxu, revealing ruins of the bustling ancient city with a two and half kilometer canal through its center. Tang

Section of corduroy road found in Ontario

A second 25-foot-long section of corduroy road, made by placing logs over muddy roads, has been found in Waterloo, Canada. The first corduroy road was discovered under King Street and Willis Way on March 11. Work had to stop until the discovery could be properly documented as required by the province, causing

Lost Roman roads founds with LIDAR

LIDAR technology is being employed to look for roads that the Romans built in the 1st century in Britain. Since 1998 the Environment Agency has used lasers to scan and map the English landscape from above to help with work such as flood modelling and tracking changing coastlines. But these LIDAR

The oldest road in Moscow

Excavations in Moscow have uncovered layers of wooden pavement believed to belong to the city's oldest road. Moscow's oldest road, thought to date back to the 12th century, has been unearthed in the city's central Zaryadie district, archaeologists said Wednesday. The road is believed to have connected the old Kremlin and a

World’s oldest potholes found in Devon, England

Archaeologists excavating a Roman settlement in Devon, England, have uncovered a Roman road complete with repairs to its surface. Wheel ruts found in the newly excavated road surface are thought to be like those at Pompeii caused by carts being driven over them. This is cause for excitement according to archaeologist Danielle

Mesolithic settlement found alongside Britain’s A1

A newly discovered Mesolithic settlement has revealed that Britain's longest road, the A1, may actually have been used for 10,000 years. Items discovered at the settlement include flint tools that date back to between 6000 and 8000 BC. Archaeologist Steve Sherlock said: “This was a place that people knew of – a