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Roadworks project uncovers Medieval village

A roadwork project in central Scotland has uncovered traces of what may be the lost medieval village of Cadzow. “This dig has unearthed two medieval structures, nine mediaeval coins, gaming pieces, shards of pottery and a lead pistol shot, possibly from the Battle of Bothwell Bridge (1679) – collectively, they provide

Remains of Franciscan monks unearthed by roadworks

Roadworks in St. Andrews, Scotland, has revealed the remains of a group of Franciscan monks who lived on the site in the 15th century. The remains were found a mere 6 inches from the surface. Archaeologist Douglas Spiers said: "St Andrews is a town of considerable antiquity so we always held

17th century Muslim cemetery uncovered during road works

A roadwork project in Malta has uncovered a Muslim cemetery which dates back to the 17th century. Two archaeologists were working hard at documenting the findings yesterday afternoon. Remains ran along the chiselled rock at various points, with the occasional bone jutting out. “We’re working along the cross section, cleaning up the