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Robin Hood based on William Wallace

The archetypal English hero Robin may actually have been Scottish, according to the author of a new book. Mr Whyte, 70, who left Scotland over 50 years ago to lives in Canada, believes the only surviving example of Wallace’s seal provides supporting evidence. It appears on The Lubeck Letters which he sent

Lasers used to survey Robin Hood dungeon

The dungeon believed to have held Robin Hood when he was caught by the Sheriff of Nottingham is being surveyed using laser technology. Robin Hood is believed to have been held captive in an oubliette (underground dungeon) located at what is now the Galleries of Justice. The Nottingham Caves Survey

Robin Hood stole from the rich to lend to the poor?

A new book is claiming that the legendary Robin Hood was kind of a loan shark, stealing from the rich to lend to the poor. John Paul Davis, the author of the new book, cites scenes from A Gest of Robyn Hode, one of the earliest references to Robin