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Dam construction to flood 30,000 rock carvings

30,000 rock carvings are set to be lost due to construction of the Diamer-Basha Dam in Pakistan. These writings not only provide insights into the religious and political situation but also show the name of the rulers and a rough date of the time. The earliest rock carvings in northern Pakistan

Leaf petroglyph found in U.S. Virgin Islands

An ancient rock carving of a leaf (or spearhead) has been found in the U.S. Virgin Island National Park. Rock carvings dot the island and the park's website says they were probably carved by the Indian cultures that lived on the island from about 840 B.C. until the arrival of Europeans

Buddhist-era rock engravings found in India

Some Buddhist-era rock engravings have been found in the Udipi district of India. Murugeshi said the Bhimana Paare, a grazing area of Buddhana Jeddu, is located in the reserve forest. The engravings were partially exposed due to erosion of the overlying deposit. "We have conducted three expeditions during three different seasons

Vandalized: The only known prehistoric rock carvings left on Barbados

Vandals have damaged the only surviving prehistoric rock art images to be found on the island of Barbados. “Unfortunately, these have not been looked after awfully well,” Archaeologist and Professor at the University of Sussex Professor Peter Drewett said while displaying pictures of carvings in the Spring Head cave. He pointed out