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Royal Maya burials found in Guatemala

Two tombs, one on top of the other, containing the remains of Maya royalty have been found in Guatemala. The roughly 2,000-year-old tomb was found underneath another, 1,300-year-old tomb filled with treasures such as jade gorgets—normally used to protect the throat—beads, and ceremonial knives. The upper tomb's corpse had been badly destroyed

Archaeologists investigate Hawaiian royals man-made island

Archaeologists have begun excavations at Moku'ula, a man-made island using by Hawaiian royalty in the 19th century. Dating to a time when spring-fed canals flowed through Lahaina, and much of the area was a wetland, Moku'ula was a man-made island in the center of a pond that served as the

Tipu Sultan descendants to have royal status restored

The descendants of Tipu Sultan, the 18th Century "Tiger of Mysore", who are now rickshaw pullers and domestic servants, are to have their royal status restored. But more than 200 years after Tipu Sultan was finally overpowered and killed by East India Company forces, mainly led by Scots officers, in the

A lost Aztec tomb may lie under Mexico City

The discovery of a carved monolith of the Aztec deity Tlaltecuhtli under Mexico City in 2006 may indicate the presence of a lost Aztec royal tomb. Archeologists digging in the dirt and black ooze under Mexico City's most important public square have been tantalized for decades by the possibility of a

Rare footage of Queen Elizabeth II as a young woman

The BBC has released rare footage of the Queen of England as a teenager and a young woman. This collection follows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's journey from Princess to Queen, from her first broadcast at the age of 14 to the announcement of her accession at 24. The programmes reveal the

Who is buried at Sutton Hoo?

Seventy years after the discovery of a burial mount overlooking the River Deben in Suffolk, England, the debate still rages over who is buried at Sutton Hoo. For many there is no doubt that the ship burial at Sutton Hoo is that of a king - certainly the rich treasures found

17th-Century royal tombs in Pakistan are crumbling due to neglect

The imperial tombs at the once beautiful Dilkusha Gardens have been reduced to shambles due to neglect and use as shelter for farm animals. The process of decay was hastened in Gen Zia’s time when Nawaz Sharif, then chief minister of Punjab, ordered all cattle pens out of Lahore city. Government

Windsor Castle antique furniture to be sold The sale, which includes a pair of giltwood chairs, a green-silk screen, a table, and a pair of cabinets, will be held at Moore Allen & Innocent in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, on May 29. Philip Allwood, auctioneer, said: "We sell hundreds of lots of Victorian furniture every year, but this is the